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Full Planning Permission Successfully Obtained for a New Agricultural Building on a Farm near to Kington

Fri 26 February 2021

McCartneys LLP planning and survey department have obtained full planning approval for a new agricultural building on a farm near to Kington.

The proposal provides cover to a new muck store for a cattle farm which does not have one at the present time. This helps prevent run off from manure into nearby watercourses. The building whilst basic in structure provides essential cover under ever tightening regulations and therefore key to the farming enterprise.

The proposal received positive appraisal from the council during the submission. With the improvement to the local area, a reduction in potential phosphates reaching the watercourse and bio diversity improvement through additional tree and hedgerow planting.

The application was undertaken and submitted to the council by Geraint working from the Kington office of McCartneys. If you have any projects which you would like to discuss further, contact Geraint Jones on 01544 230 316, 07875 222835 or

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