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Heavenly Intervention Requested!

Wed 11 December 2013

A job as an Estate Agent is never dull, and no day ever the same. From starter homes to grand country houses you never know where you will be asked to visit next.


Last week I came across something I never had come across before in nearly 30 years of doing the job! I need to find a home for two church organs.... two huge church organs.

At McCartneys we can deal with most things, valuation, sale of property, building surveys, planning advice, valuation of fine art and antiques, lettings, rural professional advice and livestock markets but two huge church organs – well it’s a new one for me.

We need a specialist or enthusiast to dismantle them and hopefully find someone who would like to acquire them. I have of course contacted specialist organ builders/removers but it would seem that it is a thriving business and most are booked until well into next year.

My problem is that I cannot really market the property until the organs have been removed so if you can help, if you are interested then please give me a call at Ludlow on 01584 872153 or email

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