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Householder Planning Permission Successfully Obtained for 2 Extensions a New Double Garage and a Significant Enlargement to Residential Curtilage

Wed 21 October 2020

McCartneys LLP planning and survey department have obtained householder planning approval for a replacement front porch, a new two storey rear extension a double garage, and a significant extension to the residential curtilage to a dwelling near to Four Crosses.

The existing dwelling is of modest scale and the proposed improvements provide valuable additional floor space to enable to applicants to remain in the dwelling rather than having to move. The current dwelling sits in a small curtilage with only a very small garden area provided. The proposal significantly increased this area to enable the applicants to enjoy the freedom of the plot.

The site benefited of use of our 3D architectural design software, enabling both the client and the planning department to clearly see the proposal and help to understand the layout.

The application was undertaken and submitted to the council by Geraint Jones working from the Newtown Office of McCartneys. If you have any projects which you would like to discuss further then please contact Geraint on 01686 623123 / 07875 222835 or

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