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Ludlow Store Report 24th November 2017

Fri 24 November 2017

515 head of cattle forward for the second sale in November. A few more farming buyers about already looking to get some grazing types under their belt. The sale had a good feel to it and all types and sorts were keenly competed for.

GRAZING COWS: As stated before a section that grows and a few more men to bid for the cows on offer. Cows topped at £900.00 or 156.0p/kg to and an average of £633.00 or 110.0p/kg. If you have any plain sorts that will improve this is a good way to market them.

BULLS: Another fabulous show of young bulls all keenly competed for. Good suckled bulls still attracting a premium. Bulls sold to £1080.00 or 301.0p/kg and averaged £745.00 or 224.0p/kg. Young bulls will be wanted again at the next sale on December 8th. Please phone Ludlow Market on 01584 872251 to enter.

HEIFERS: A tidy show of heifers to include some smart suckled types to some more common natives. A few had lost condition due to the recent cold weather. Heifers topped at £1075.00 or 280.0p/kg to an average of £700.00 or 181.0p/kg. More needed for the next sale on 8th December.

STEERS: A nice show of steers with a good offering of dairy bred types, these had their own following and sold well. Steers peaked at £1120.00 or 250.0p/kg to an average of £750.00 or 185.0p/kg. More needed for 8th December

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