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McCartneys Christmas Awards Party

Wed 25 January 2017

A change of scenery proved to be very successful at the McCartneys 2016 Christmas/Awards party, held on Saturday 14th January at The Castle Hotel in Brecon.

The feedback from partners and staff alike, touted this as the best party that McCartneys has held to date and that they had all had an extremely enjoyable evening.

The atmosphere did crank up a notch towards the start of the awards ceremony, but still managed to be respectful to the various speakers that were summarising the year’s events, along with introducing members of the management team who were giving out the awards. The intro music and tense silence prior to each award given out preceded the loud cheering, whistling, and plenty of applause that followed.

The award winners cracked open their bottles of bubbly to share and the dance floor was soon the main attraction and the party got into full swing.

As so often at these events the time flies by quickly and it was not long before the catch up with colleagues from other offices came to a halt with just a handful of usuals sat in the comfy sofas finishing their drinks.

Many congratulations to all of the award winners and a big thank you to all members of staff for all of your hard work and endeavour throughout 2016.

Here's to 2017 and of course, the next end of year awards party!

The McCartneys Partnership

2016 Award Winners 

Most Promising Newcomer – Kate Pinder, Welshpool Office & Sadie Brown, Stourport Office.

Unsung Hero Award – Phillip Blackman-Howard, Tenbury Wells Office.

Drovers Award – Jack Kitchen and Brian Davies, Ludlow Market.

Professional of the Year – Katie Morris, Knighton Office.

Negotiator of the Year – Jake Best, Newtown Office.

Customer Service Award – James Garibbo, Kington Office.

Livestock Market Award – Hannah Owens, Ludlow Market.

Office of the Year – Brecon.

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