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Plant a Tree with Pride

Fri 16 August 2019

Agriculture has had some rotten press of late with much of it ill-informed nonsense.  However that doesn’t stop tales of cattle being the major cause of global warming being picked up by pressure groups and social media and seriously affecting people’s livelihoods.

Donald Trump calls it “fake news” and like him or loathe him he is right that fake news exists and it is high time that the corn was sorted from the chaff!

We now have a prime minister who is putting his best foot forward and is not afraid of a challenge.  Politics has been re-energised!

In relation to global warming then, farmers and landowners can make a real difference. A difference in their own carbon footprint and a difference in public perception so as to ward off the “fake newscasters”. It is time to plant a few trees in those unproductive parcels of land that exist on nearly every farm. The area that we live in is made very special by the number of naturally regenerated oak and ash trees and also the formal parkland and woodland which have been thoughtfully planted. Ash dieback is with us and has been taking many of our most beautiful trees since 2012. What a good piece of PR it would be to say that in a concerted effort farmers and landowners are planting deciduous species in order to alleviate the loss caused by this fungal disease. Even if it is only a dozen trees every year what a contribution that would make to our landscape for future generations.

Many farmers and landowners are already keen tree planters but there is no better time than now to join this particular club and to 'plant a tree with pride'.

Glyn Owens - Knighton (01547) 528621
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