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WPCS Official Autumn Sale Online Bidding 2022

Tue 27 September 2022

Online Bidding Information

All potential purchases wishing to register for Online Bidding with the Auctioneers will be required to pay a deposit of £1,000 (one thousand pounds) to the auctioneers at least seven working days before the sale commences.

Potential purchasers wishing to buy via the 'Auctionmarts' online system should follow the procedure below:

1. Go to to register (top right corner of page). If you require help registering then please visit
2. Telephone McCartneys on 01584 872251 and pay a deposit of £1,000 (one thousand pounds).
3. This deposit will be held by McCartneys in our client account. If you purchase from the sale this deposit will be retained towards your purchase.
4. If you do not purchase at the sale, your deposit will be returned within 7 working days of the sale.

Please Note - If you do not pay this deposit you will be unable to bid online.

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