Store Forthcoming sales

Ludlow Store Sale

Fri 23 February 2024

Second sale in the month of 286 Genuine Farmers Store Cattle Viz: Breeding Bulls, Cows with Calves at foot, In Calf Cows, Feeding Bulls, Beef Stores, Feeding Cows & Over 30 Months Stores. Together with 750 Store Hoggets. Plus Calves & Weanlings and Fodder. Gates open at 6.00am, 11.00am Store Sheep, 11.50am Calves & Weanlings, 11.55am Fodder, Read More

Brecon Store Cattle Sale

Fri 23 February 2024

Sale of 620 Genuine Store Cattle Viz: 2 Breeding Bulls, 1 Feeding Bull, 305 Steers & 262 Heifers together with 50 Cull Cows. Sale to commence at 9.30am prompt with Cull Cows. Read More

Knighton Store Sale

Fri 1 March 2024

First sale in the month of 800 Store Hoggets together with 10 In Lamb Ewes. Plus 90 Store Cattle Viz: 3 Cull / Feeding Cows, 7 Young Feeding Bulls, 40 Heifers & 40 Steers. Sale of Sheep at 10.15am, Cattle at 11.15am. Read More

Genuine Stabiliser Herd Dispersal Sale

Sat 9 March 2024

Catalogue now available Read More

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