Professional Profile - John Uffold

Agricultural Property & Livestock Expert


John Uffold BSc (Hons) Estate Management, MRICS, FAAV.

Field of Expertise

Family disputes? Divorce? Probate? Partnership disputes? Then read on.

It is a truism that experience is something that you can sell but never buy. Thirty two years of experience, in private practice and government has given John a wide range of experience in all rural professional work and livestock auctioneering. His specialisms, as regards professional work are:

  • Valuations for tax planning
  • Divorce valuations
  • Valuations involving tenancies and legal issues
  • Livestock valuations of all types

As Chairman he has been involved in disputes concerning umpires, arbitrations, court cases and is known in the locality as being able to broker a deal between parties even where they are, to start with, intransigent and emotionally involved. The ability to see both sides of the argument in a pragmatic, rational and businesslike manner is the key to his success. This is particularly important when dealing with divorce cases and partnership disputes.

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