How to use the Draw Search

1. Select one of the two orange drawing tools from the menu on the right.
2. Click on the map to start drawing your area. If you selected the Circle tool, your first click sets the centre point, your second click sets the radius. If you selected the Shape tool, click once on the map to set your first point then continue clicking to set further points. To close the Shape, click on the first point you created.
3. To view your properties in a list, click the Show Results button.

There are more advanced instructions below the map.
Property 2+ properties Show: Offices

Advanced Instructions

1. For a more complex search you can create more than one shape on the map.
2. To change the radius of a Circle area, select the white Cursor tool and click the Circle you wish to change. Click and drag the white square marker to amend the Circle’s radius.
3. To change or edit a Shape, select the white Cursor tool and click on the Shape you wish you change. Use the Cursor tool to select and move any of the white square markers. Each time you move a point, two new markers are added either side of it to allow you to further refine the shape.
4. To delete a shape, select the white Cursor tool, select the shape to be deleted then click the Dustbin button.