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Wed 14 November 2018

This is a word that I hear used on an exceptionally regular basis: 

And in fairness we estate agents throw it about quite a bit in our sales particulars as well!!


"Our home is full of character."

”The property has lots of character.”

“This house is very characterful!”

So what springs to mind when you hear the word character? Old beams, floorboards, sash windows? Perhaps a period property, quarry tiles or a thatched roof? Maybe even the old boy who props up the bar in your local, “he’s a character!” But what do we actually mean?

Well the definition of the word is as follows:

'the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.'

For me this probably sums it up well from a property point of view. It’s what gives a property it’s individual identity. It is the interesting, unusual or individual qualities displayed by your home which make it stand out from the crowd. It might not even relate to something older, as more and more modern property which has had some thought put into the design could certainly be described as having character.

Of course this is a little subjective as different features will mean different things to different people. What is characterful to one person may be bland to another, beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder!

If you have a property old or new which you feel has a bit of character and you need any advice at all, whether considering a sale, letting or require a valuation, then please do not hesitate in contacting your local McCartneys office.

Tom Carter - 07855 834282

Chairman of the Property department

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