Wind Turbines For Domestic Agricultural & Commercial Use

Your own wind turbine could allow you to:

  • Reduce your own energy bills;
  • Receive an income via FIT’s for energy produced see below; and
  • Receive additional income for the energy you export to the grid.

making projects commercially viable with a reduced pay-back period.

Turbines can be of various sizes and output capacity with productivity varying with turbine height and wind speed.

Of interest to the Agricultural Sector is the fact that the Telecoms industry is trying to restructure its network provision by various network consolidation exercises meaning that some mast sites become surplus to requirements. Whilst this will mean a loss of income to the Landowner (note the terms of the telecoms agreement should be thoroughly checked to ensure that this course of action is available to the network operator) all may not be lost as the site could provide you with an alternative income source – perhaps a small wind turbine as by the very nature the site should be ideal in that it will exposed and have a power supply.

If you require advice on large or small scale wind energy production inc grants available, planning and installation please contact your local McCartneys office from where they can direct you to the relevant people within our organisation. As always there is no substitute for professional informative advice.