Farm Subsidy & Grant Schemes

We have vast experience in completing farm subsidy and grant applications in both Wales and England.

In England May 2023 saw the completion of the last round of Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applications, to be replaced by a de-linked payment up until 2028.

We are advising farmers on the sustainable farming incentives and completing applications. For more information please view our leaflet.

In England, we advise on all grants available including:

  • Countryside Stewardship Mid/Higher Tier
  • Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants
  • Sustainable Farming Incentive
  • Farming Equipment & Technology Fund
  • Animal Health and Welfare Review
  • Farming in Protected Landscapes
  • Grants to support cattle housing
  • Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure Grants
  • Slurry Infrastructure
  • Water Management Grants
  • Farming Innovation Programme
  • NVZ Regulations

In Wales BPS is still continuing, with the Sustainable Farming Scheme to be introduced from 2025. In addition to these schemes, we advise on all RPW schemes, including:

  • Small Grants Efficiency
  • Small Grants Environment
  • Small Grants Yard Covering
  • Sustainable Production Grant
  • Growing for the Environment
  • Woodland Creation Planning Scheme
  • All Wales NVZ Regulations